Father Daughter Dance – 30 Years Ago


Holly was so excited to go to the Father Daughter dance this year and last year and Allison can’t wait to go next year.  It got me thinking of when I was little and went myself.   And then my mother gave me some old pictures and I found this picture!  I was so excited when I did.

Those of you that know me, know that is not my father so let me explain.  My father doesn’t like LOUD music, never did and still doesn’t.  When I was little he took me to my first Father Daughter dance and he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did because the music was too loud.  So the following year he asked a family friend to take me because he didn’t want to go.  So the guy in the picture – in the adorable 3 piece suit – is Ken and he was a good friend of my parents and my brother and I were good friends with his kids when we were little.  He was more than happy to take me and we had a good time – at least I remember it that way.

I believe I am about 9 years old in this picture.

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