I spoke too soon….

Well, Holly’s still not better. Today she’s completely not herself. Steve woke me at 7am and said she was awake but just laying there playing with her hands. I told him to go get her and bring her into bed with me (cuz she loves to play on the bed) and when he did, she just layed there..then wanted to get down and started with that wine/grunt sound. So I told him to get her some juice. She sucked down 3/4 of the cup. She sat with me while she did that so I had my “bottle” moment. Then she wanted cheerios so I gave her some, but she only had a few. After that we just sat on the couch together and she pretty much stared into space. After a little while she got up, walked around, started crying so I picked her up and she immediately put her head on my shoulder. I shut off the TV and went into her room, pulled the shades and rocked her for a while. She was pretty much asleep so I put her in her crib and rubbed her forehead for a little while. Then I put on her musical crib toy and left the room. She’s out cold and it’s only 8am. I think this is how our day is going to be…poor thing. I feel so bad for her. The diarrhea started last night but no poopie diaper yet today, but obviously this is knocking her out.

She was very restless last night, made lots of noises. So we didn’t sleep to well. I’ll probably call the dr’s later today even though I know she’s just got a bug, but I guess just for some reassurance, make sure they don’t want to see her. I’m not one to call them for every fart but I just want to make sure I do everything right.

I wish it was me so bad.

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