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I feel like I’m exposed now when I walk out of my house, but in a good way. We’ve been really bad about keeping up with a lot of our trees/bushes/hedges/weeds etc. But this year I managed to get Steve to agree to let someone come and do some really good clean up. Well today was the day and let me tell you it was money well spent!

Here are some before and after pictures:

The hedges in the parking area of the driveway:



He couldn’t cute them down anymore because the branches are very thick from not cutting them for about 3 years and last year Steve started cutting some of them then the hedge trimmers jammed and he never got back to it so the right hand side is a little lopsided because of not being able to even it off, but it doesn’t look bad in person, barely noticable but I noticed it looks weird in the picture above. In the fall we need to cut them back a lot when the leaves are gone.

The Island on the right before:

The Island on the right after:

The island to the left before

The island to the left after

Looks like a different place! I need to spray the ground with Round up each week to kill the rest of the low weeds and then we’ll put some mulch down. The BIG White Flowers we get each year, well we won’t have as many this year, but they will all be back next year. He was only able to save one of those this year because the weeds were to tangled into the other two. They will still grow but not as big. I’m not upset over it.

And the hedges along the side of the yard. Again they are so big he did the best he could to shape them due to the thick branches. In the fall we’ll cut those back a bit more too.

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