The 5-FU Reduction worked!

Steve finished his 8th round of chemo about a week ago.  This was the 2nd round of chemo with the reduced 5-FU (along with a reduction of all meds due to his weight loss).   The first time he didn’t see much of a difference as far as side effects go, but the second time he did.

The 5-FU is responsible for the mouth sores and the tingling in his hands, fingers and feet mostly.  I guess it’s also responsible for the exhaustion because this last round he wasn’t as tired either.  He thought we has getting a mouth sore but it never really turned into one.  And his taste buds finally came back this weekend.  When he woke up Friday morning and realize that we got over the ‘hump’ of him getting a mouth sore, and he didn’t get one, he was SO HAPPY.

Now he’s not getting chemo again until October 29th which means he won’t get another mouth sore until after then, if he does at all.  I’m hoping that this reduction will rid him of them.  The mouth sores are by far the worst side effect he has had.  I hate to see my husband in so much pain.  And I can’t even imagine how much they hurt.

Hopefully the reduction wont effect how well the chemo works and when the doctor checks his CEA number again, it’s lower or at least 11.  But there is a chance that the reduction may not work as well, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

All I know is this past week I’ve felt like I have my husband back.  He’s happy, he smiles, he’s moving around more, he’s not as tired, he’s even sleeping better.  The girls have even noticed a difference in their daddy.   It’s been nice.  And while I know it may not last forever, I’m happy we have the next 2.5 weeks to be a family like we were before we knew about his cancer.

And then back to chemo.

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