Santa, here I come………..

Holly and I are going to visit Santa today. I’m very excited to see how she feels about the ‘real’ him. She loves to see him on TV and when we drive by houses that have him outside, but she hasn’t seen the real him yet so it will be interesting. I think she will LOVE him and I’m really hoping she wants a picture with him, but I’m not counting on that part. She’s not one to sit on many people’s laps, so I can’t see her sitting on Santa’s lap, but we will find out today.

We put up our tree this weekend but I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. We had to move all sorts of things out of the storage room into that room so that we can get our new boiler put in, hopefully this week, and they have to move our hot water heater too. What a pain this time of the year. But I did get pictures of Holly playing with the Little People Santa Train set she received as a gift from our friends Jodi, Dave and David last year. She LOVED it. She’s got a thing for trains right now so this was perfect to put out under the tree.

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  1. good luck with Santa! I didn’t think Emma would want anything to do with him but I could not have been more wrong – couldn’t get the girl away from Santa!! Post pics!! 🙂

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