Pumpkin Patch

I have a picture of Steve and Holly walking into the pumpkin patch last year on our refrigerator and Holly noticed it earlier in the year and ever since then, she has been asking to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Well it’s finally that time of the year and today we went to the pumpkin patch.

We go to Manfredi’s Farm in Westerly and they have a bunch of animals there too and she had so much fun!!! She didn’t want to go near the donkey’s but she was very brave with the goats, sheep and chickens. She would of loved to have gotten closer to the ducks, but that wasn’t possible.

Here are some pictures of our day….

Allison watched from the sidelines, I’m sure next year she will be right there with her sister.

I love how she was peeking through the wood railing to see the ducks in the water…
Now it’s time to find a pumpkin….
This is the one Holly picked up today. She wants me to make pumpkin pie so now I’m looking for a recipe (and directions) to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. Anyone have one they’d like to share???

The perfect pumpkin!
Hmm, maybe I get a small one too!”
“Oh wait here’s another nice one daddy”
Allison’s first official pumpkin patch picture….

They also had little bikes for the kids to ride, she enjoyed that too.
Holly wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the day, Allison was all smiles when we left, she really enjoyed watching Holly and the animals too.

It was a fun day, but only one of many, we plan on going back to the pumpkin patch many more times this month.

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  1. Karen-I love the new look of your blog! Great pictures and it looks like you had some good weather too! Our patch opens next weekend and we plan on going.

  2. So much to comment on… I love the new Fall look of the blog- I think you should change it each season. I also like the baby pictures of Holly and Allison on the side of the blog. They look so much a like. And finally, I love the pumpkin patch pictures, especially the ones of Holly holding the pumpkins. Did you plan for her shirt to match the gourds?

  3. Love the new look of your blog! Great pumpkin patch pictures – you all look like you had a great time – especially Miss Holly!

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