Happy Monday……..

I’ve been told I am a bad blogger so this post is out of guilt for not blogging for over a week!!! (Hi KIM). It’s been busy with the long weekend, trying to get things done and Holly’s been fighting a cough and up at night for a little bit so her and I have not had a full nights rest for 3 nights. Hopefully she’ll be better soon. Steve’s been fighting a cold and it’s just about gone, and luckily I’ve been feeling pretty good.

Holly has a rocking horse she received for her 1st Christmas from her aunt and uncle. She’s never been on it, just pets the horse and says “good horsie”. I’ve been trying for a while to get her to sit on it and rock, but she refuses. Well this past week I was able to get this picture of her………..

So now you are wondering why she all of a sudden got on it. Well, her friend lil David was over last weekend and he loved riding the horsie. The moment she saw him on there, she wanted on. So as soon as he climbed off the horse, she was right there climbing on. It was so funny to see her so interested because another child did it. It really is true when they say “monkey see, monkey do”. So now she keeps asking to go downstairs and ride the horsie. So cute!!!

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  1. Holly is so cute! Great Picture…Now Mommy, go scrapbook it. I think Holly could ride the horsie all along, she just didn’t want to show off. So funny!

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