Great Day Today……Yesterday Not So Great!

Yesterday (Friday) was not a very fun day for us. We have some problems with water coming into the house through the garage when it rains a lot, especially in the winter when the ground is frozen. Yesterday was the worst yet and needless to say, this spring we are going to fix the problem for sure. Steve planned on staying home in the morning because that was when it was going to rain the most and the hardest. We have a few pumps so things were going well until about 10:30am. That’s when the water began to pour into the garage. We started cleaning it up but it was coming so fast it was hard to keep up. Then it started coming in through the back door too. Now the rugs were getting soaked. We were not happy but there wasn’t much we could do about it. Luckily through all of this, Holly was excellent and watched TV and had some snacks. She got lots of snacks yesterday since we needed her to just be happy, and she was. We finally got all the water cleaned up but unfortunately, both rugs in our basement were soaked about half way in each room. We called service master and they came and hooked us up with some fans and dehumidifiers to help dry it all. We will see on Monday or Tuesday if that was enough, we hope it is. So that was our day Friday.
Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day outside so we decided to take Holly to the beach. She LOVES to go to the beach, it’s like a HUGE sand box to her. There is also a really nice playground there. She was so excited when daddy told her when she got up that we were going to go to the beach, she couldn’t wait! It was so nice there, no wind at all. We had her all bundled up in her winter coat and hat, but really she didn’t even need all that. I took my camera along and got some really cute shots of her. I also took a small video. Here are the pictures and the video. She had a great time!

Holly and Daddy walking to the beach…….

She went for the sand immediately!

She was so happy to be there.

You can barely see her eyes because her hat was falling down!

Mommy and Daddy taking a self portrait.

The fun, BIG slide!


Holly loving the swings.

Nothing is better than this!

What a fun day!!!!!

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  1. Not fun about the water. My heart goes out to you guys. We know first hand the damage water can do to a basement. It is so much work controlling it.

    GREAT pictures at the beach! I love them all. Lil D said “Holly Cute”! and he said “Baby Too”. Guess he wants to go to the beach too and the of course the playground.

    Glad you had such a nice day after the bad day yesterday. Hard to believe looking at the pictures of blue skies and kids without coats (in the background) that yesterday was so miserable. Today was the calm after the storm so they say.

  2. Karen those are great beach pictures!! The one of you and Steve is a fantastic self portrait…hope we’ll be seeing that in a LO soon!
    Good luck with the water issue!!

  3. **so sorry about the flooding. Thank goodness you were able to call someone to help. I love the beach too. great pics, luv the one of you and your hubby. Have a good day.

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