Allison is 18 Months Old!!

I can NOT believe that Allsion is already 18 months old. That was the fastest 18 months of my life! She was such a sweet baby and is turning into an adorable toddler (with quite the temper) and I don’t want her to grow up anymore. If I could keep her this age forever I would. She is my baby and always will be. Now that that is said, we are enjoying hearing her finally say things. She’s got a sweet voice and is building a good vocabulary.

She says…..

holly (not very well but she tries)
thank you

I think that is it, but she tries to say so much more.

Notice that mama, nana and nonnie are NOT on that list. If you ask her to say mama, she’ll say dada…. if you ask her to say nana, she’ll say papa…. and if you ask her to say nonnie, she’ll say grandpa. Nice huh! Not one of her grandfathers has ever changed a diaper and her mom takes care of her all the time (daddy does too, just not as much as mama) and that’s the thanks the ladies in her life get. Nice…but we still love her and she’s still my baby. Someday it will be all about mom again, I just know it!

Here is a picture of her with her zebra, her best friend. She sleeps with zebra every single night. Zebra came to PA with us too, of course. I don’t think she would ever sleep without him. I wish I could find another one, just as a spare, but I can’t. He came from JCPenny so anyone who reads my blog if you ever see one there, please please please get another one because I don’t even want to think about what would happen if we lost him.

Her cheesy smile…..

Her serious look…..

and her :get me off this table good:

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