3 Years Ago Today, Steve and I celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary…..

3 years ago today, Steve and I went out to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. It was a Saturday night. When we got home that night Steve asked me if I was happy (after 13 yrs of marriage, I think it’s a legit question! lol) and I told him, “Yes” I was happy with where we were in our relationship, I loved our new home and all that came along with it and the direction our lives were going in at that time.

I then told him that I was scared that something was going to happen to ruin it all. He assured me that nothing would happen to take our happiness away.

3 days later he ended up in the hospital and they found “nodules in his lungs and liver”.

Life can change at ANY MOMENT. Enjoy each minute, do the things you want to do, take that trip, buy that item you wanted, go on vacation with your loved ones, say the things you want to say… DON’T HOLD BACK LIVE YOUR LIFE. Because we don’t know what the future will hold, especially tomorrow.

When Steve realized the end was eminent, he did tell me that while he’ll miss out on so many things in the future, he is so happy that he did so much….. he traveled a lot – for work and for pleasure, he played hard while he was younger, went to a great college and really enjoyed himself while there, he bought the cars he liked, he owned (2) homes and (2) boats, he had a family, he met the girl of his dreams (his words!), he had a good childhood filled with a LOT of great memories of being on the boat with his parents and his friends, he ate good food, drank good beer and wine, had his dream job he loved, made tons of memories with his little girls, made AMAZING friends, read a shit ton of books (that I now own!!!) and honestly if he wanted something, he got it or did it. He had no idea his life would be cut short at the young age of 44, but he was so glad he lived his life.

I wish for people to learn from us, to take those chances and live life and not ‘wait’ for retirement because not everyone gets’s to retirement.

These next few days represented a HUGE change in the directions that our lives went 3 years ago, so please bare with me, I may share or I may go quiet.


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