Sisterly Love….

This morning, Steve had a late meeting so he was home when the girls woke up. Like most weekend mornings, I was still sleeping, so he brought them both into bed with us while I slowly woke up. I over heard this conversation between Holly and Steve and I wanted to make sure I made a record of it, because it was so sweet. Here is what I heard….

Holly: Daddy, thank you for bringing Allison home.
Steve: (a little confused as to why she was saying this) Holly, why are you thanking me…
Holly: Daddy, thank you for going to the doctor’s and getting Allison and bringing her home.

This is where I had to interrupt because Steve was pretty confused. I went on to tell Steve what she meant was, when I had Allison, Holly referred to the Hospital as ‘the doctors’ and when Steve brought me home after my hospital stay, he brought Allison home too, and this is what she was talking about.

Why this even was in her head this morning is way beyond me, but it was so sweet and it shows us how much she loves having Allison around! It’s only been 4 months still, but not once has she asked us to ‘bring her back’ like I hear most first born’s say. But then again, Allison greets Holly with such a big smile in the morning, why wouldn’t see love her!!

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  1. precious big sister Holly! that is awesome. thankfully Cami has never asked us to take Caylee back either. I’m sure when they are teenagers they will let us know how they feel… 😉

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