Our House is FIXED…..well almost

They finally came today to fix the holes in the ceiling, the chimney and finish taking up the rug downstairs. In case you don’t remember, a week before Allison was born, we had a bad rain storm and not only did water come into the basement but it came through our dining room ceiling too. It was not a fun time for us. But now the ceiling is fixed and the walls are freshly painted and they aren’t white anymore. They are actually a light greenish/yellow called Spring Blossom. I like it, but I don’t think Steve will, but that’s they way it’s going to stay. Here are some pictures but it really looks so much different in person.

I’m so glad to have the dining room back together (well almost, we still have to put everything back in place). Next we they will finish the roof/chimney area tomorrow if it doesn’t rain but the bad news is, that eventually (in the near future) we will need a new roof. NICE. Our next project will be to fix the yard so the water doesn’t come in the basement anymore and then we’ll put a new floor down there. For now it will stay a cement floor.

Here are some new pictures of the girls from the past few days………

Of course, I can’t get Holly to smile a Real Smile……..

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  1. The room looks great! I haven’t seen the girls in two weeks, they both look like they have grown soooo much.

  2. Room looks really great, I’m sure Steve will just love it. I akso miss our 2 very special angels. Hopefully, tomarrow I’ll see you all at the club,and then again on Sunday.

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