Allison The Snow Princess

Allison still loves Dora.  She doesn’t watch the show too much, but she loves Dora’s books.  She has a pile of them sitting in her bed that she reads to Eeka at night.  She knows most of the stories herself now after hearing them so much.  I love listening to her ‘read’ the stories because she is right on with so many of the details.

Today we were in Job Lot and we went by the kids book aisle.  I noticed some Dora books and went through them all to see what she had and didn’t have.  We ended up getting 6 more but they were only $1.00 each so why not!

Needless to say, she’s excited to read to Eeka tonight.

So what does this have to do with this picture?   For Halloween this year Allison was Dora The Snow Princess in her pretty white snow princess dress.  She looked adorable!  But since I put Whiskers on Holly I had to do something for Allison – so I put some makeup on her eyes and she loved it.  Click the picture to see it enlarged.  She looked cute.  Isn’t she?

Of course she looked cute, she’s my little girl.

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