7th Round of Chemo and a Reduction in 5-FU

When we arrived at the infusion center today, they didn’t have the new orders for Steve’s reduction in the 5-FU chemo.  Thankfully she mentioned out loud that due to his weight loss, she needed to call the doctor to have him adjust his meds.  We told her that the Doctor said he was reducing one of them and she noticed she still had the old orders.  Glad we were paying attention.

It took about an hour but he called in the right orders and he began chemo #7.   We did figure out which one the 5-FU is – it’s the one that he comes home with.  Before we leave they give him a push of it into his IV to give him a big dose and then the rest drips very slowly for 46 hours.  The doctor removed the push and then lowered the dosage a little for the 46 hour drip.

The good news is Steve’s mouth sore is getting better and he was able to eat pancakes today, which was really good.  Tomorrow I’ll make him more and perhaps even some scrambled eggs to go along with it.  He needs the protein and the fat.  If he loses more weight before his next chemo round the doctor isn’t going to be happy.

Funny how all these years I’ve wished that he’d eat better but now I’m just wishing he’d eat.  But don’t worry, whatever he’s not eating, I am!

Steve and I have made friends at the Infusion center.  There are two old ladies that are there every week.  They are sisters.  The one not getting chemo right now has gone through chemo treatments herself twice for 2 different kinds of cancers. She looks very healthy right now.  Her sister is currently being treated for lung cancer.  We met them 6 weeks ago as they were sitting next to us and they had us laughing hysterically.  They were hitting on all the older men there. LOL They now make a point of saying hi to us every time they see us there.   They didn’t see Steve last week and got worried.   So they needed to make sure he was okay.  It was really sweet.  I told them we are only there every other week but I’m sure when they don’t see him next week, they will forget what I told them.

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