My mother has been spending a lot of time over here lately and she’s been such a great help. Her and Holly have been having fun too. She’s trying really hard to get Holly to accept a barrett in her hair. She’s not having much luck but she did managed to get her to keep one in for a while. Maybe if we keep trying, she’ll eventually just accept them. She looks so cute!!!

We are trying once again to get her to go on the potty. She loves to sit there but nothing comes out. I think once she goes the first time, she’ll be so happy and proud that she will want to go again. I’m trying and we are now using M&M;’s as a reward. She’s yet to get her reward, but I have faith that she will at some point. I’d like to try and get her to at least make the occasional trip to the potty by the time the baby comes. My be wishful thinking, but I’ll still try.

Holly’s friend David is doing so well with the Potty. He is so proud of himself and each time his mommy (Jodi) changes his diaper, he wants to go on the potty first before he gets his clean diaper on. That’s so great, we are so proud of him. He needs to teach Holly how to do that.

Here is a cutie picture of David taken a couple of weeks ago. He’s getting so big too so fast. Him and Holly have so much fun together. Since we went to his Birthday party a few weeks ago, Holly has been asking to go to DD’s house just about every day.

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  1. Karen – Holly is getting so big. I have heard that boys potty train faster than girls. I have only had boys so I don’t have the girly experience.


  2. how very cute she looks with her “hair pretty” (thats what me and Amelia call them!)

    Hang in there with the potty training…my twins aren’t there yet either but, at least they try!

  3. Potty training is a curse for all parents. Every child is different in every other aspect, so no two will be the same when it comes to potty training. Kailtyn was a weekend at about 2 yrs old. Alex was about 4 1/2 years in the making and countless adult drinks to calm our nerves after repeated unsuccessful attempts(after they were in bed, of course!). Good luck and hang in there, it will come when the time is right for her.

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